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1 MCO2 token

1 forestry (REDD+) carbon credit

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MCO2 = a carbon credit, or 1 CO2eq

Carbon credits are digital certificates that companies or individuals can acquire to offset their environmental impact, or more specifically, their carbon emissions.

Preserving becomes more valuable than slash and burning

We work with carbon credits generated by projects that preserve the Amazon Forest, with all sorts of positive externalities such as the creation of local jobs and preservation of local biodiversity.

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We use the latest technology for transparency and security: blockchain

We have tokenized our carbon credits, meaning we have coded them into blockchain, leading them to be traceable, secure and avoiding double spending. The utmost credibility for the important conservation work.

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green revolution

We believe that the planet belongs to all of us. And everyone must have access to the means to protect it.

MCO2 changed the culture of carbon credits: For the first time in history, carbon credits can be purchased by individuals, allowing thousands of people to take an active role against climate change.

Our impact




sent to Amazon preservation projects.



tons of avoided CO2 emissions.



trees preserved.

MCO2 in the press

Carbon-Neutral Crypto Asset Fund

Crypto’s energy consumption is a hot topic. Quicktake’s Matthew Long talks with One River Asset Management and Moss.Earth about a carbon-neutral crypto asset fund. Presented by Anatha (Source: Quicktake)

SkyBridge buys 38,500 tons of carbon offsets

SkyBridge Capital has purchased 38,436 tons of tokenized carbon offsets. Global investment firm SkyBridge Capital has partnered with carbon credit provider Moss to purchase tokens representing 38,436 tons of carbon offsets.

Digital asset hedge fund One River files with SEC to create a carbon-neutral bitcoin ETF

One River, the digital asset hedge fund backed by billionaire investor Alan Howard, has officially filed to create bitcoin exchange-traded fund that incorporates the purchase of carbon credits in an effort to make the product carbon-neutral.

KlimaDAO increases carbon offset stash by 50% in two months

The carbon offset accumulating DAO on Polygon has rapidly increased the amount of offsets it has in its treasury by increasing spending and diversifying its source of offsets.

MCO2 is audited and certified by the world's largest companies

Real-time audit of our carbon credits MCO2 tokens ledger:

Who makes the MCO2

At Moss, we don't accept that, with all the technology available, we can't save the planet. We are always creating and we know that the new economy will save the world."


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